List od exhibits

Solo Exhibits
2013National Museum in Kraków
2007Sotheby's Retrospective, Amsterdam, Netherlands.
2004Royal Łazienki National Gallery. Warsaw, Poland.
1997 International Art Center, Philadelphia PN.
Special Tribute to the Artist. Polish Embassy, Washington DC.
Retrospective Exhibition. Pekao Gallery, Toronto, Canada.
1996 Dartmouth Street Gallery, Albuquerque NM.
One-Man Show. Arté Gallery, Denver CO.
1995Arté Gallery, Denver CO.
1994 Harleys & Black Holes. Arté Gallery, Denver CO.
Plaza Club. Midland TX
1993 Warsaw, Paris, Aspen. Pitkin County Bank, Aspen CO.
Denver Center for the Performing Arts, Denver CO.
1992Living Desert Museum, Carlsbad NM.
1991 Amparo Gallery, Scottsdale AZ.
Arté Gallery, Denver CO.
1989Carneqie Library Town Hall, Lawton OK.
1987Classic Century Square Gallery, Albuquerque NM.
1981 Richthofen Castle, Denver CO.
J. Jouston Gallery, Vail CO.
1979 First National City Bank, Houston TX.
Gallery 400, Aspen CO.
1978Anneke Whatley Gallery, Keystone CO.
1977Keystone Center, Keystone CO.
1976Gargoyle Gallery, Aspen CO.
1974St. Johns College Art Gallery, Santa Fe NM.
1973 Tesuque Studio, Tesuque NM.
Connoisseur Gallery, Carmel CA.
Linda Daugherty Gallery, CA.
Retrospective. Otis Art Institute, Los Angeles CA.
1972Galeria Simpliciano, Milan, Italy.
1971Seton Hall University Gallery, South Orange NJ.
1970Beverly Hills Club, Beverly Hills CA.
1968 Galerie La Pochade, Paris, France.
Galerie Cecile de Terssac, Cannes, France.
1967Galerie Le Bateau Ivre, Antibes, France.
Galerie Aux Bateliers, Brussels, Belgium.
1966Galerie 3+2, Paris and Nice, France.
Galerie Jouvene, Marsailles, France.
1961Gallery ZPAP, Warsaw, Poland.
1960Journalist Club, Cracow, Poland.
Actors' Club Spatif, Warsaw, Poland.
Group Exhibits
1997Colorado Lawyers for the Arts Exhibition, Denver CO.
International Poster Art Exhibition, Colorado State
University, Denver CO.
1996Human Nature. Dartmouth Street Gallery, Albuquerque NM.
1995Objective NonObjective. Dartmouth Street Gallery, Albuquerque NM.
Hiwan Gallery, Evergreen CO.
1994One West Art Center, Ft. Collins CO.
Erotic Art Show. Arté Gallery, Denver CO.
International Poster Art Exhibition, Colorado State,
University, Denver CO.
1992Amparo Gallery, Scottsdale AZ.
1991Dissdent Artists We Are. Warsaw, Poland.
Amparo Gallery, Scottsdale AZ.
1990Amparo Gallery, Scottsdale AZ.
1989Amparo Gallery, Scottsdale AZ.
1988Contemporary Southwest, Potsdam College, State University of NY.
Arté Gallery, Denver CO.
Peace Exhibit. Visual Center, Boulder CO.
Nouvelle Alliance Francaise, Beverly Hills CA.
1985ES' Elementary Gallery, Houston TX.
1974Ars Longa Gallery, Houston TX.
19709th Annual Child Guiders Art Exhibit, Los Angeles CA.
19698th Annual Child Guiders Art Exhibit, Los Angeles CA.
1968Graphics by Masters. La Boetie Gallery, New York NY.
1967Second Biennale Azureene, Cannes, France.
1966Polish Art Exhibition. Gallery Gmurzynska, Oslo, Norway and Cologne, Germany.
1958Warsaw Artists Exhibition, Warsaw, Poland.
1956National Museum Exhibition, Warsaw, Poland.